About Arrow Tile Distributors

Tile Is What We Know!

At Arrow Tile Distributors, tile and tile-related products is what we know and all we sell. Our professional staff has years of combined experience in selling, installing, designing and specifying ceramic tile. Our philosophy is to concentrate on a select group of the finest imported and domestic tile manufacturers in the world. Additional manufacturers are brought in slowly, one at a time, allowing us to sample and service their product completely. We stock and sell only one adhesive and grout manufacturer because we feel they make the best product. The same holds true for our entire line of tile-related products. Our goal is to know our product so that we may be better equipped to sell it. Finding a good dealer is like finding a good manufacturer. We want to learn everything about you, what sells in your market and what we can do to help you sell more.

Customer Service is our Goal

Our goal is to be the fastest and most efficient tile supplier in New England. We pride ourselves on being able to process and ship your in-stock orders on the day they are placed. This means you can receive your order within 24 hours in most cases, or no later than 48 hours, excluding weekends. At Arrow you will receive on-the-spot confirmation, know if your order is in stock or not and how soon you can get it. Arrow is strictly wholesale, allowing us to concentrate on you, the dealer. Our customer service department is the best in New England, always willing to check stock physically and do whatever is necessary to get your order out. That's what customer service is all about. Give us a try today.

Same Day Shipping

Place your in stock order before 11:00 am Monday-Friday and you have the option of having it shipped that day. In most cases you will receive your order the next business day and no later than the 2nd business day. If speed is not desired you may choose to hold or combine your orders to have them shipped on a particular day.